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The Outdoor Movie Screen Rental for East Texas.

Have you experienced watching a movie outside with friends on a summer night while enjoying the fresh air and your favorite drink? If not, you're missing out! Anyone looking to set up their very own backyard theater for a night or bring movies to school or community function, Wild Skies is here to help you. We provide full movie set ups for all manner of different events.

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Events Have Never Been Easier

The Covid-19 climate has resulted in isolated environments that have stilted lifestyles and taxed normal daily family routines. Many services have been forced to alter business procedures with new cautious processes. One industry massively affected, among many, has been the entertainment industry. More importantly, the revitalization of healthy bonding and fun for adults and children is a true necessity while moving forward safely. We are energetically recreating the drive-in movie experience in a contemporary setting with new and exciting updates for our digital age. Have an outdoor event where you can social distance and still have a great time .